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DO9 Power Surge Suppressors
Surge Suppressors for Aircraft, Marine, Military and Commercial to avoid Catastrophic Failure due to Power Surges from Lightning, Alternator Load Dumps, Field Decay Transients .

A Sensonetics Zener-Type Arc Suppressor is used in high energy applications such as voltage clippers, regulators and surge suppressors. Unlike other methods of surge suppression, Sensonetics zener diodes have a better clamping factor and they operate in a few nano-seconds. The PRZ300ZE34 is approved for military applications and will suppress transients outlined in MIL STD-1275A. Sensonetics surge suppressors are ideally suited for aircraft, marine, military and commercial applications where communication systems and other electronic equipment must be protected against catastrophic failure due to power surges from lightning, alternator load dumps, field decay transients and other external sources. Contact Sensonetics for other package sizes and higher surge capacities.

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