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SEN-600 Wing Union Pressure & Temperature Transmitter/Transducer
Drilling, Acidizing, Wellhead Measurements, Mud Logging, Cementing, Standpipe, Well Stimulation, Pressure Pulse Measurement

Sensonetics' model SEN-600 wing union pressure transmitters are made with proven silicon-on-sapphire technology. These transmitters are designed to withstand the roughest of oilfield applications including NACE standard MR-01-75 (latest revision). The sapphire diaphragms are resistant to sour gas, corrosive and abrasive media. Sensonetics' Wing Union Pressure Transmitters are proven to hold up under the shock of regular installation and removal as well as the continuous vibrations of a triplex type pump. Sensonetics offers this robust transmitter in the configurations WECO #1502 or the WECO #2002 for 20,000 psi service. These pressure transmitters are available with 0-5 VDC, 0-10 VDC or 4-20 mA outputs.

Silicon-on-sapphire sensors provide accuracy down to 0.01% FSO with effectively no hysteresis. Long term drift of less than 1% FSO and proof pressures greater than 5X the rated line pressures are additional features of these versatile pressure products.

If accuracy, stability and price are important to you, consider Sen-600 Series Silicon-on-Sapphire Wing Union Pressure Transmitters for your pressure measurement needs.

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