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Aerospace and Military Pressure Transducer
A Sensonetics Silicon-on-Sapphire Pressure Transducer demonstrates unsurpassed levels of performance for aerospace, aircraft, space and all other application that require precision measurements. These temperature and pressure sensors provide high (up to 5mV/V) sensitivity and fast response times with excellent accuracy and stability over temperatures ranging from as low as -320°F to as high as +750°F. These silicon-on-sapphire diaphragms are compatible with virtually all media encountered and exhibit long lasting reliability.
Product Categories
SEN-100 Aerospace and Military Pressure Transducer with Temperature Sensor Combined
Aerospace, Flight Testing, Jet Engine Testing, Materials Testing
SEN-300 Hydraulic Pressure Transducers and Temperature Transducers
Hydraulic Test Stands, Injection Molding, Paper Production