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SEN-100 Silicon-on-Sapphire Aerospace and Military Pressure Transducer
Aerospace, Jet Engine Testing, Materials Testing

A Silicon-on-Sapphire Pressure Transducer has unsurpassed levels of performance for aerospace and other precision measurements. They provide high (5mV/V) sensitivity with excellent accuracy and stability over widely varying temperatures ranging to as low as -300°F or as high as +750°F. Sapphire diaphragms are compatible with virtually all media encountered in unfriendly environments.

Piezoresistive silicon on sapphire diaphragms form a homogeneous single-crystal radiation-hardened structure with virtually undetectable hysteresis. Since sapphire is a perfect electrical insulator there is no need for diode isolation junctions founds in a traditional silicon piezoresistive pressure transducer. This feature coupled with sapphire's modulus of elasticity which is 30% greater than that of stainless steel, enables high temperature operation not previously attainable.

A proprietary hermetic seal between the sapphire diaphragm and the electron-beam welded stainless steel case provides the ultimate in temperature coefficient match between internal structures. The seal also allows direct contact with corrosive and conductive media without use of a barrier diaphragm or transfer fluid.

Sensonetics' pressure transducers are designed to comply with MIL standards for vibration, acceleration, shock, sand, dust, salt, humidity, EMI and other environments. The case is internally stress isolated to inhibit response to mounting torque and other external stresses.

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