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A Sensonetics Silicon-on-Sapphire pressure transducer or pressure transmitter offers a true downhole sensor that will outperform strain guage and other sensor technologies at competitive prices. These subminiature subsea pressure sensors and pressure transmitters can deliver your data fast and reliably. Whether oceanic or oily water the silicon-on-sapphire diaphragms hold up to harsh conditions in all of these environments. Offering many sensors such as Wing Union transmitters for wellhead measurements and subminiature pressure sensors for measurement while drilling.
Product categories
SEN-500 Submersible Oceanic Pressure & Temperature Transmitter/Transducer
Subsea Blowout Prevention, Subsea Trees, MUX Control Systems, Drilling Mud Measurement, Towed Arrays, Wellhead Measurements.
SEN-600 Wing Union Pressure Transmitter
Drilling, Acidizing, Wellhead Meas- urements, Mud Logging, Cementing, Standpipe, Well Stimulation, Pressure Checks
SEN-1000 Downhole Subminiature Pressure Transmitter
Livewire Logging, Cementing, Fracturing, Measurement While Drilling, Logging, Wellhead Measurements.