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SEN-2000 Optical Composition Probes
Single Immersion, Dual Immersion, High Efficiency Ramon Optical Probe, Combined Optical/Pressure/Temperature

Single-Immersion Optical Probe

Sensonetics SEN-2001 single immersion design allows spectrographic analysis using a single probe. The light source passes through the sapphire window and the product stream and is reflected by a concave mirror at the tip of the probe to focus the return beam at the receiving fiber optic element. Wide selections of path lengths are available, up to one inch, to meet the needs of specific media. The probe will withstand continuous operation at up to 1000°F and 60,000 psi. All probes are configured to fit the standard 1/2"-20UNF mounting holes used in extruders. SMA fiber optic connectors allow direct connection to spectrophotometers.

Dual-Immersion Optical Probe

The SEN-2002 dual-immersion design uses a pair of optical probes mounted directly opposite each other. Each employs a convex sapphire lens in direct contact with the media stream. The transmitting lens collimates the beam for efficient transfer through the media. Dual probes may be used with any path length. They support requirements where the path length will vary due to different media or for transfer of probes from one extruder to another. For purposes of economy, the two probes are identical and interchangeable.

High-Efficiency RAMAN Optical Probe

The SEN-2003 RAMAN probe allows users to make RAMAN analysis using just a single probe. The source is carried via an optical fiber and transmitted through a sapphire window into the product media. A second fiber collects the rays from the RAMAN effect. Collection of the electromagnetic emission stimulated by the RAMAN effect is maximized. RAMAN spectroscopy is particularly useful on high-density media. Sensonetics' vastly improved collection efficiency allows RAMAN analysis of media that could not be analyzed previously.

Combined Optical/Pressure/Temperature

An economical advantage of the Sensonetics Series 2000 probe is the ability to include melt pressure and temperature measurements in the single-immersion and RAMAN probes. For users who prefer separate pressure and temperature sensors, Sensonetics offers pre-drilled mounting flanges to accommodate many desired configurations. ATR, diffused reflective and fluorescence probes are also available.

User Advantages

Industry can perform in-line, real-time analysis where it was previously impossible to do so because of the temperature and pressure limitations of traditional optical probes. There is virtually no limit to where real-time Fourier transform analyzers can be used to monitor the chemical composition of product streams up to 1000°F and 60,000 psi continuous operation. Industry can significantly reduce costs by achieving tighter control of the composition of their products. By enabling continuous, real-time documentation, a Sensonetics Sen-2000 Optical Composition Probe can make a valuable contribution to variation reduction in your process. Avoid catastrophic losses due to off-spec waste and the expensive material disposal costs.

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